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Equipment and Techniques

  • sample preparation
    - vacuum/inert gas techniques (Schlenk lines)
    - two gloveboxes with inert gas atmosphere
    - sol-gel preparation
    - hydrothermal synthesis in high-pressure reactors
    - high temperature synthesis (tube furnaces, chamber furnaces up to 1550 °C, induction furnace up to 2200 °C)
    - sonotrode
    - milling (planetary ball mill, vibration mill)
    - wet-chemistry lab and overnight lab
  • thermal analysis
    - DSC 131 (SETARAM) 
    - DTA  
  • X-ray diffraction
    - single-crystal X-ray diffractometer (STOE IPDS, currently being repaired)
    - powder X-ray diffractometers (Huber Guinier cameras, CuKα1 and other wavelengths)
    - powder X-ray diffractometer with high and low-temperature accessory (STOE Stadi-P)
  • electron microscopy
    - via the center for micro and nanoanalytics
  • magnetic resonance spectroscopy
    - solid-state NMR spectrometer, Bruker Avance Neo 600 MHz (several static and MAS probeheads, diffusion accessory, variable temperature)
    - solid-state NMR spectrometer, Bruker Avance II 300 MHz (several static and MAS probeheads, variable temperature)
    - NMR spectrometer, 60 MHz
    - ESR X-band CW spectrometer (low-temperature, goniometer)
  • 3D printing
    - several printers including printers for PEEK, ULTEM and FEP
  • Impedance spectroscopy
    - Novocontrol Neisys