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Open topics

 The following topics are currently offered for student research projects, Bachelor or Master theses:


  • NiO nanosponge – evaluating anisotropic growth (Hartwich)
  • Anodization from carbon-based substrates (Hartwich)
  • Investigation of the mechanical stability of nanostructured ZrO2 (Naidu)
  • Modification of nanostructured oxides by electro-assisted deposition (Naidu)
  • Oxide modification- organic monolayers on Nb O2 (Yadigarli)
  • Oxide modification- organic monolayers on WO3 (Yadigarli)
  • Adsorption of organic monolayers to concrete surfaces (Pritzel/Killian)
  • Gypsum recycling (Abu-Zeitoun/Pritzel)
  • Nano-additives to concrete (Pritzel)
  • Single-atom catalysis (Hejazi)
  • (Silica) nanoparticles as additives to building materials (Tran)


Please contact Prof. Killian, Dr. Pritzel or the supervisor of the project directly.