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Chemistry & Structure of novel Materials

This site is frequently under construction - visit regularly for updates.

Our group investigates anodic oxide nanostructures modified with functional organic molecules. Our aim is to create complex, multifunctional nanostructures. Methods used are anodization, self-assembled monolayers and surface analysis (SEM, ToF-SIMS, XPS..) For details with regard to our current and future projects, visit Forschung.




A new open access publication is out: "One-dimensional suboxide TiO2 nanotubes for electrodics applications"



A new publication is out: "Functionalization strategies to facilitate multi-depth, multi-molecule modifications of nanostructured oxides for triggered release applications"



Swathi Naidu's poster "Nanostructured Zirconia (ZrO2): from anodization to potential bio-medical implants" receives the third highest public vote at Faraday Discussions "Next Generation Nanoelectrochemistry".



Dr. Mohajernia and Prof. Killian currently edit the Special Issue "Innovative Strategies for (Photo)Electrocatalytic Water Splitting and CO2 Reduction" in the journal "Catalysts" (IF. 4.146) jointly with Dr. Anca Mazare, FAU Erlangen



Another publication of our group appeared open access: "Wetting Behavior of Zirconia nanotubes"



A new publication is out: "Zirconia nanotube coatings - UV-resistant superhydrophobic surfaces"



CSnM takes part in the "Workshop on scale-bridging 3D-characterization and data evaluation" of MNaF Siegen.



M.Sc. Gabriel Onyenso got accepted for a PhD scholarship by HYT and will conduct his research on the topic "Controlled drug release from ZrO2-Nanostructures" at CSnM. Congratulations and welcome to the team!



We are very proud to announce that Dr. Edrees Abu-Zeitoun accepted a position as Assistant Professor at the American International University, Kuwait, staring 01.09.2021. CONGRATULATIONS!



Dr. Jean-Marie Vianney Nsanzimana succeeds in the MSC-Cofund-STAR call and receives a PostDoc scholarship for a collaborative project of LMN and CSnM for hydrogen production. Congratulations!



Dr. Shiva Mohajernia receives the "ISE award for young electrochemists". Congratulations!



Dr. Christian Pritzel and Dr. Sandra Afflerbach (AK Krumm) the best poster award on the 3rd International Conference on the Chemistry of the Construction Materials - ICCCM 2020. Title of the poster: "A basic study on the morphology and composition of ettringite crystals in dependence of temperature". Congrats!



B.Sc. Gabriel Onyenso receives the STIBET scholarship for Master students at the University of Siegen. CONGRATULATIONS!



The new Future Magazin  "Exploring the nanocosmos" is out, including an article about our group (p. 27-32).



New publication out: "A high-field anodic NiO nanosponge with tunable thickness for application in p-type dye sensitized solar cells"


Juni/Juli 2020

CSnM takes part in the SEM/FIB & SIMS School of MNaF Siegen.