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Katalog plus


Synthesis and Preparation Techniques
protective atmosphere- / vacuum technique glove box
freeze drying
microwave reactor
autoclaves (modular construction 28 - 880 ml)
ultrasound (tip and bath)
corona discarger
vertical lifting deposition (colloid crystallization)
UV crosslinking
hot press
titration (Karl-Fischer & acid-base)

Thermal Analysis
differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) - low temperature + UV irradiation
thermogravimetry (TG) with IR coupling

size exclusion chromatography (SEC) with UV-, RI- and lightscattering detection
high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) - isocratic and gradient with UV detection
gas chromatography (GC)

FT-MIR/NIR-spectroscopy + ATR
ReaktIR for MID-IR real time monitoring of chemical reactions

polarized light microscopes with digital camera
fluorescence microscope (transmission and reflection) with digital camera
darkfield microscopey (transmission and reflection) with digital camera

twin-screw extruder, co- and counterrotating, reactive extrusion
single-screw extruder
plunger-type injection molding device

Rheology and Mechanical Analyses
rheometer, Bohlin C-VOR
dynamic-mechanical-thermal analysis (DMTA)
stess-strain extension analysis
Ubbelohde viscosimeter



custom polymer and colloidal particle syntheses
development of hydrogel coatings