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Fields of Research

Synthetic macromolecular chemistry, bio-organic materials, hydrogels for biosensors and biomedical applications;
Synthesis of novel polymers, photocrosslinkable hydrogels, polymeric colloids;
Investigation of the hierarchical structure formation with colloidal particles;
Self-organization of semifluorinated alkanes and colloidal particles at the air-water interface.



Surface-Attached Hydrogel Layer Systems

Novel thin film architectures with responsive hydrogel networks are designed and investigated for applications such as biosensor matrices, implant coatings, and tissue scaffolds.

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Hierarchically Assembled Colloid Structures

Materials with hierarchical structures are built in two and thee dimension from colloidal particles, which posses intriguing optical, mechanical, and acoustic properties for photonic and phononic applications.

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Structural and Viscoelastic Properties of Semifluorinated Alkane Monolayers at the Air/Water Interface

As semifluorinated alkanes present an unusual class of mesogenic units for supramolecular structure formation, the study of their physical properties and self-assembly at fluid interfaces is of substantial relevance.

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