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M. Sc. Willis Collins Akeyo Muganda

Willis Muganda
Room: AR-G0116
Phone: +49 (0)271 740 2988
E-mail: muganda@chemie.uni-siegen.de

My doctoral thesis is based on synthesis of novel luminescent core-shell nanoparticles (CNPs) whose applicability for future systematic studies of distribution pathways in model food chains are investigated and established. In the long term, these NPs could be used as non-toxic and stable markers, and detected very well by fluorescence microscopy methods and in 3D matrices without complicated sample preparation. Further areas of research and application include using core-shell NPs as markers for drug-loaded delivery systems, in which, for example, the release of the active substance by the luminescent markers also released or the in situ tracking of biodistribution by advanced tomographic methods.