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Kolloquien der Physikalischen Chemie 1

Joint Physical Chemistry & Cμ Colloquium - WS 2019/20

Kolloquien im Wintersemester 2015/16:

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Montag, den 11.01.2016 um 17:00 (AR-F002)

Sven-Christian Sidenstein, M.Sc., Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry in Göttingen, Department of NanoBiophotonics
Coordinate-targeted fluorescence nanoscopy with multiple off-states transitions

Donnerstag, den 14.01.2016 um 10:15 (AR-F002)

Prof. Dr. Diethelm Johannsmann, Institut für Physikalische Chemie, TU Clausthal
Life-Science Applications of the 2nd-Generation QCM

Freitag, den 15.01.2016, 10:15 (AR-F002)

Prof. Curtis Marcott
Department of Materials Science and Engineering, University of Delaware, Newark, DE USA
Light Light Solutions, Athens, GA USA
AFM-Based Infrared Nanospectroscopy and Imaging of Polymeric Materials

Donnerstag, den 21.01.2016 um 12:00 (AR-F002)

Prof. Dr. Dominik Wöll, Institut für Physikalische Chemie, RWTH Aachen University
Structure and dynamics of polymer systems visualized by highly resolved fluorescence microscopy methods

Montag, den 25.01.2016 um 17:00 (AR-F002)

Prof. Dr. Amir Fahmi
Faculty Technology and Bionics, Rhein-Waal University of Applied Sciences
Nanofabrication via Self-assembled Hybrid Nanomaterials

Montag, den 29.02.2016 um 17:00 (AR-F002)

Dr. Kaloian Koynov
Max-Planck-Institute for Polymer Research, Mainz
Fluorescence correlation spectroscopy as a tool in colloid and polymer science

Montag, den 7.3.2016 um 12:00 (AR-F002)

Dr. Martina Viefhues
Group Leader Micro- and Nanofluidics
University of Bielefeld, Faculty of Physics
Microfluidic devices: fabrication and applications with enzymes and biomolecules

Montag, den 14.3.2016 um 17:00 (AR-F002)

Dr. Aurelien Forget
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
University of South Australia,
Future Industries Institute
From a 3D Vasculogenesis Model to Therapeutic Angiogenesis

Kolloquien im Sommersemester 2016:

Montag, den 30.5.2016 um 16:30 (AR-F002)

Dr. Beatriz Prieto Simón
Senior Research Fellow
University of South Australia,
Future Industries Institute
Tailored three-dimensional bioplatforms for ultrasensitive analytical devices

Montag, den 11.7.2016 um 16:30 (AR-F002)

Patricia Enrique, CSIC, Madrid, Spain
Graphene-reinforced polymers: Influence of nanostructure on mechanical properties.

Donnerstag, den 14.7.2016 um 13:15 (AR-F002)

Assistant Professor Dr. Mohammad Raoufi
Probing Structural Changes of Protein Nanofiber and Coated Corona Nanoparticles

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