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Research Alliances

 Formal alliances with international research institutions are established for scientific exachange and collaboration on joint projects.


Partner Group with AIT, Vienna, Austria

Within the framework of the Partener Group Contract we engage in exploratory research on bio-organic materials and polymers. The Partner Group will focus on the exploration and study of fundamental ideas leading to new and advanced polymeric hydrogel materials. The objective of this Project is broadening of the scientific and technological knowledge of functional hydrogel thin films for sensor applications.


Direct collaboration partners are Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Knoll and Dr. Jakub Dostalek.


MoU with IESL / FORTH, Crete, Greece

The general objective of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for Joint Research Collaboration is to establish a long-term international collaboration in research fields which are compatible with the orientation of each institution, and which are relevant to the industrial, scientific, social and cultural interests and needs of the countries where the parties are respectively located. The initial research focus will be in the fields of Polymeric and Bio-Organic Materials, Colloidal Systems, Light-Matter Interactions, Photonics and Phononics, Biotechnology and Nanoscience and Nanotechnology.


Within the framework of this MoU the focus of joint research activities lies on the Bio-Organic Materials Chemistry Lab (BOMCLab) at FORTH.