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Macromolecular Chemistry


Technical staff:

Petra Frank, Dipl. Laborchem.

Tel.: 0271 / 740 - 4797
E-Mail: frank@chemie.uni-siegen.de 




Sandra Münker

Tel.: 0271 / 740 - 2295

Fax: 0271 / 740 - 2226

E-Mail: makro@chemie-bio.uni-siegen.de


Student Coworkers (current and alumni):

- Christian Petri: PhD Student (2013-) "Novel Photocrosslinkable Polymer Systems as Biosensor Matrix"

    Master Student (2011-2013) "Hydrogel Modification of MicroHEX Polystyrene Platelets for Cell Culturing"


- Cleiton Kunzler: PhD Student (2014-) "Synthesis of Double-Responsive Polymers and Functional Particle Systems"


- Isabel Höfer: Master Student (2013-2014) "Synthesis and Characterization of Thermoresponsive Polyoxazolines"

    Bachelor Student (2011-2012) "Synthesis of Photocrosslinkable Dextran Derivatives for Biosensing and Biomedical Applications"


- Mohamed Mahmoud: Masters Student (2011) "Synthesis of Photocrosslinkable Thermoresponsive Polymers for Click-Chemistry Modification"


- Hossameldeen Sharaf: Master Student (2011-2014) "Synthesis, Manipulation and Structure Formation of Colloidal Particles"


- Junqiang Ruan: Master Student (2012-2013) "Microwave-assisted Controlled Polymerizations"


- Malvina Asad: Erasmus Student (2012) "Control of Surface Attachment in Photocrosslinkable Copolymers"


- Daniel John: Master Student (2014-) "Synthesis of UCST-Polymers"

    Bachelor Student (2012-) "Particle and Inverse Opal Synthesis with sub-100 nm Dimensions"


- Desiree Debus: Master Student (2014-) "Hydrogels from Polysaccharide-Inorganic Hybrids"

    Bachelor Student (2012-2013) "Superstructure Formation with Amphiphilic DNA Constructs at the Air-Water Interface"


- Franz Müller: Bachelor Student (2012-2013) "Paclitaxel Release Studies in Hydrogel Layers for Potential Eye Implant Coatings"


- Parvez K. M. Salah Uddin: Master Student (2012-214) - "Novel Coating Strategies with Hydrogels as Cell Culture Medium"


- Sören Gephard: Bachelor Student (2012-2013) "Paclitaxel Encapsulation in Responsive Hydrogels"


- Sven Klees: Master Student (2014-) "Synthesis of Novel Polymer Systems"

    Bachelor Student (2012-) "Partially Degradable Hydrogel Films for Osteoblast-Endothelia Cell Coculture"


- Thorben Jaik:   Master Student (2014-) "Preparation of Biocompatible Hydrogels"

    Bachelor Student (2012-) "Synthesis of Polymer-Modified Gold Nanoprisms for Directed Assembly"


- Sebastian von Gradowski: Master Student (2013-2014) "Preparation of Hydrophilic Polymer Coatings for Anti-Icing Surfaces"


- Byron Staudt: Master Student (2013-2014) "Synthesis and Characterization of LCST-UCST Polymer Systems"


- Niklas Jung: Master Student (2015-) "Polyoxazoline Polymers"

   Bachelor Student (2014-) "Photocrosslinkable UCST Polymers"


- Eugen Betche: Bachelor Student (2014) "Hydrogel-Coated Collagen Membranes"


- Huynh Phu Cuong Tran: Master Student (2013-2014) "Core-Shell Elastomer Particles"


- Anna Espasa Valdepeñas: Erasmus Student (2014) "Synthesis of End-Functionalized Responsive Polymers"


- Vilay Vannaladsaysy: Visiting Researcher - National University of Laos, Faculty of Engineering (2014) "Polymer Composites, Biodegradable Polymer Blends, Biopolymer Scaffolds, and Hybrid Scaffold for Tissue Engineering"


Angelos Ntovas: Bachelor Student (2015) "Drug Release from Hydrogel Films"


- Samar Diraoui: Bachelor Student (2015) "DNA Systems at the Air-Water Interface"


- Núria Antonio Morente: Erasmus Student (2015) "RAFT Polymerization of Responsive Polymers"


Marta Karczewska: Erasmus Student (2015) "Functional Polyoxazoline Systems"


Yannick Feuring: Bachelor Student (2015) "UCST Polymers"


Max Meier: Master Student (2015) "Functional RAFT Systems"


Adrian Mattner: Master Student (2015) "Polymeric Membrane Functionalization"


Nick Schirmer: Bachelor Student (2015) "Betain Systems"


Lucas Zimmermann: Bachelor Student (2015) "Functional RAFT Systems"


Bastian Schauerte: Bachelor Student (2015) "Betain Systems"


Merle Schmeck: Bachelor Student (2015) "RAFT Systems"



- Junqiang Ruan: Master Student (2012-2013)

- Dr. Véronique Schwartz: Postdoctoral Researcher (2012-2014)

- Isabel Höfer: Bachelor & Master Student (2011-2014)

- Parvez K. M. Salah Uddin: Master Student (2012-214)

- Sebastian von Gradowski: Master Student (2013-2014)

- Byron Staudt: Master Student (2013-2014)