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M. Sc. Faria Afzal

Faria Afzal

Contact data

Room: tba
Phone: tba
E-mail: afzal@chemie.uni-siegen.de


Quorum sensing is an important process through which bacteria communicate and coordinate with each other by releasing certain chemicals called autoinducers. These autoinducers control several behaviors of bacteria such as biofilm formation which is common in bacterial infections.

The aim of my research is to study the effect of different factors such as the female sexhormone estradiol on biofilm formation via a biofilm growth model that is based on a novel functional biointerface for the controllable release of bioactive molecules. The quantification and characterization of biofilms can be done by microscopic methods like SEM or AFM, by measuring the biomass via the crystal violet dye or by live-dead cell staining.