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Dipl. Ing. Ratka Trifunović

Shear-Stress Assisted Microbial Inactivation in Liquids Using High-Pressure Gas

Dipl. Ing. Ratka Trifunović
Room: AR-G0116
Phone: +49 174 32 81 210
E-mail: ratka.trifunovic@messergroup.com

My Ph.D. thesis combines the sterilization effect with gases with an additional mechanical effect that is decisive for the sterilization efficiency, working also at low temperatures and pressures. Through mechanical effects, CO2 diffuses into bacterial cells extracting vital components of the cells. It has to be investigated, how this results in the disintegration of cell walls and irreversible inactivation of microorganisms in liquid.

This doctoral thesis is supported by Messer Group GmbH, Messer Industriegase GmbH, TH Köln and STEPs Institut.