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International Graduate Studies in Chemistry

Master of Science in Chemistry

Online application (Unisono start page)

Online application (Admission page)

Online applications for winter term 2019/2020 can be submitted only from 01 January 2019 to 30 April 2019
Do not send hardcopies. Applications by regular mail or e-mail will not be considered!

Note: Due to temporary technical problems you may be directed to the application site in German language. To switch to English please click the button at the bottom right corner.

Important note: All relevant information about your application (status, submitted files, ect.) can be checked and organized through the online plattform, so please refrain from personal inquiries.

Further Information:

Short guide through the UNISONO application

Student Advisory Service      Flyer     DAAD-Brochure

Handbook of Modules

Lectures / Course Overview (Unisono)

Prüfungsordnung (examination regulations) 2015, Studienbeginn WiSe 2015/2016

Prüfungsordnung (examination regulations) 2009, Studienbeginn WiSe 2009/2010

If you have any general questions regarding the International Master Programme at the School of Science and Technology, please
contact Ms. Faria Afzal, International Student Advisor: