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Fee and Funding

Tuition fees 

Students of the University of Siegen are currently not charged tuition fees. However, there is a semester fee of 322,90€ (Three hundred twenty-two Euros and ninety cents) due before every semester start as part of (re-)registration. This fee includes a ticket for free public transport in the region. The semester fee is composed of:

  • NRW-Ticket 178,90€
  • Social contribution Student 120€
  • AStA contribution 20.00€
  • Others 4.00€

Financial requirements 

It is important that students calculate their finances through the degree completion and ensure they have enough funds to cover semester fees and living costs. The estimated average cost of living amounts to around EUR 950 per month, including rent, health insurance, food, clothing, learning materials, phone and internet, travel expenses, entertainment, and sports. These estimated costs of living can vary depending on lifestyle, type of accommodation, budget, and spending habit.
Please note that there is an additional one-time per year expense for a residence permit (approximately 100 Euros) and a deposit for residence (approximately EUR 600). The following costs are to be covered by the student's own financial resources: 

  • Semester fees (currently 322,90€ per semester)
  • Compulsory health insurance (approx. 110.00€ per month) 
  • Accommodation (approx. 360€ per month plus a deposit of approx. 600€)
  • Living expenses (approx 460€ per month)
  • Residence permit (approx. 100€)  

If you need an official document for the estimated cost of living click the pdf    


The above-given costs are for a single student. Students with a partner or child will have to consider separate costs of living depending on their family. The University of Siegen does not offer any scholarships for incoming students. Information on scholarship programs can be found at the German Academic Exchange Service. 

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