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Upcoming lectures

Research papers will be presented at these upcoming event:

University of North Carolina Wilmington, USA
September 18, 2020

C. Engelhard et al. (invited lecture):

Lecture title: "Direct Detection of Single Nanoparticles with ICP-MS and TOF-SIMS: On Recent Advances and Remaining Challenges"

American Chemical Society Spring 2021, USA
5-16, 2021

C. Engelhard et al.:

Lecture title: "Advances in nanomaterials characterization with single particle inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry"

University of Muenster, Germany
8, 2021

C. Engelhard et al. (invited lecture):

Lecture title: "From Here to There and Back Again: A Journey through Mass Spectrometry Developments Eight Years after Leaving WWU"

Past lectures

Click here for a list of selected presentations of the research group in the past.